Characteristics of Strong Families

Characteristics of Strong Families

Did you ever wonder what the characteristics were of strong families?  We've known what makes families strong for several years.  Dr. Nick and Nancy Stinnett, along with Joe and Alice Beam studied families worldwide over a period of 25 years to find out.  Here's what they came up with:

What Strong Families Do

1. Are DEDICATED to promoting each other's welfare and happiness. They value family unity and have a high degree of commitment to the family as a group.

2. Express a great deal of APPRECIATION to each other.  These families share positive words and experiences with each other. They build each other up.  They give sincere compliments and express appreciation well and often.

3.  Have positive COMMUNICATION skills and spend large amounts of time talking with each other.  They are good listeners.  They still have conflict and disagreements.  They are free to express FEELINGS.  They look at alternative ways to resolve conflict.

4.  Spend lots of TIME TOGETHER. They spend quality time.  These families are no less busy than other families, they just arrange their schedules to make each other a priority. Need some inspiration? Check out our Family Night Activity Planner.  It's a free instant download with printables and inspiration for family fun!

5.  Have a SPIRITUAL LIFE. They are committed to a spiritual lifestyle and draw upon their spirituality for strength.

6. Have a special ability to COPE with STRESS and CRISES. Strong families maintain a sense of balance during difficult times by focusing on positive aspects of the stress or crisis.  They support each other and look at tough times as an opportunity for growth.

For more insights, see the book, "Fantastic Families: 6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong Family".

Find it HERE

Closing Thoughts

Did you find that your family is already doing many of these things?  

Are there a few areas you need to focus on and improve?  

We may find our family stronger in a few given areas at a time. Knowledge is power, though.  When we know what we need to improve, we can do so!


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