Feelings Mountain: Behind the Scenes Peek

Behind the Scenes at Kidlutions

Things behind the scenes at Kidlutions aren't glamorous at all.  In fact, did you know that most of my inspiration for resources appear "on the fly", while I'm waiting for my kids' sports practices to end, enroute to a sporting event, or just before I fall asleep.  Sometimes ideas are inspired by kids with whom I work, by my own kids, as well as from questions you send in. Since I spend a lot of time behind the wheel, I also get ideas while on the road. Inspiration is everywhere!

Here's our newest product for tweens and teens in the works. It's an idea I've used
for years in therapy with kids, but I decided to expand it and take it a few levels up:

Here's how it started out:

Yep, that's the back of an orthodontist's
appointment slip! It's how I roll. No glam, no glitz 
and since I'm on the road so frequently, I've used the 
backs of gum wrappers and napkins, too! No color
coordinated notebooks and pens here, though I do love the 
idea of that.  Maybe someday! Sigh!

And here's how it looks so far. A work in progress! This one's gonna be BIG!

I'm so excited to release this!  I know it will help 
loads of tweens and teens!
These ideas have helped so many 
kids in my office through the years!
This will be a multi-media format, and if you work with tweens 
or teens, you won't want to miss it!  (Pssst...we'll also be working on an 
elementary version if working with little kids is what you do!)

To get the BEST deal on this when it is released, be sure you are
signed up for our newsletter!  That way, you won't miss introductory 
offers, which are often the best deal you will find!

Thanks for taking a peek behind the scenes at Kidlutions!

Does this all look like fun to you?

Are you a clinician, an educator or service provider toying with the prospect of building an online empire to reach the world?  Want to figure out all the deets about creating your own products? Do you already have an online biz, but need more support, ideas and a gentle nudge to kick it up a notch? Need to jazz things up a bit? Want the inside scoop about how we've done it all...and managed to continue with providing direct service/consulting AND did it all with three kids underfoot?

We've been fielding questions from you all about just this topic, and we're getting ready to take Kidlutions to the next level. We've been enjoying the ride of a lifetime with our online biz here...and we want to share ALL of the secrets we've learned along the way.   We'll be starting a new list, specifically for sharing info on the biz end of things.  That is, showing you HOW to do this, too!  It took us years to figure it all out, so we want to give you the fast-forward version, so you can get to success with less hassle and fewer headaches!

If that tickles your fancy, just pop me an email  (compcounseling at sbcglobal dot net) and I'll add your name to the list.  When the list go live, you can either stay on board, or unsubscribe.  You are under no obligation! We are 100% spam free!


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