Two Minute Tip for Parenting Toddlers Through Teens

Parenting Toddlers through Teens

Today we're tackling a parenting question about toddlers through teens. (Scroll to bottom to see the video version. Subscribe to our videos HERE. This is our first one, yes, but many more will follow!)

The question is this:
"Can you give some tips to help us parent kids in the toddler years through the teen years?  We have both under our roof."

That's a tall order to fill.  Fortunately, we do have some ideas about what you can do that would be effective with kids in those age ranges: toddler through teen and even beyond.  These tips work even with adults: a spouse, partner, a friend, a co-worker or colleague.


1.  Maintain your own sense of calm at all times.  That is particularly true when people around you are falling apart at the seams. So you want to demonstrate what really good self-regulation skills look like, what it looks like when people are able to maintain their composure and think things through.  That will help you be a really good role model.

2.  Pay attention to the GREAT things your kids are doing. There is a saying that goes, "Whatever you pay attention to, you get more of."  When it comes to parenting that could not be more true.  So, save your energy, emotion, excitement, fireworks and all of that good stuff for when your kids are doing things you want to see more of.  And when they are behaving in a way that is less than desirable, you would want to be as matter of fact as possible, remain as calm as possible and move on with your day.

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naomi said…
I would find it so hard to choose which two to give. I like the two you gave. We need to do both to encourage growth on our children.
Thanks, Naomi! I agree that these two are a great place to start. As we know, it's never as simple as two easy steps. We have to add more to mix and also, find out what works best for each child!

Wendy =)

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