Boo Book: Play Dough and Coloring Mats for Social Emotional Development

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Seasonal Fun with Feelings - 
Play Dough and Coloring Mats for Halloween

Witches, pumpkins, spiders and ghosts.  When kids get to give them any feeling they choose, they are provided with an opportunity to "try on", if you will, many feelings for themselves.  They can project onto these seasonal images, any feelings they care to.  

Why it Matters

Helping kids think about, talk about and process the meaning of feelings, plus how to cope with them, is a crucial life skill.  These skills build a foundation upon which all other learning can grow. We know that kids who can manage their feelings, and have the ability to interact and support others' feelings too, have richer, happier lives. Who doesn't want that for their kids? 

Start 'Em Off Early

Kids as young as two and three and starting to recognize feelings in themselves and others.  Promote this process by providing fun activities that capitalize upon this.  Our resources are all built to do just that.

What's Inside

Just $8.00
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year after year!

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A Closer Look

Inside, you'll find 18 pages of seasonal fun:

Suggested Options for Use, including alternatives to using play dough...just color!
Ways to Extend the Learning (shapes and counting)
PLUS...more ways to make it more fun with "add ins"
Play Dough Recipe (my favorite one)
Color Images - 5
Black & White Images - 6

B ~ O ~ O!

Happy Halloween from Kidlutions!


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