Conflict Resolution for Kids: Talkin' Turkey

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Conflict Resolution for Kids 

Helping kids learn how to resolve conflict is a major life skill.  When we start teaching it in the early years, kids far much better across the lifespan. Research in emotional intelligence shows us this crucial social skill assists children in all areas of their lives, including academic pursuits.  

Want a Smarter Kid? Teach Him How to Get Along with Others 

With the push for teaching kids the ABCs, reading and math, we sometimes overlook the crucial area of social-emotional intelligence.  Make no mistake, helping our kids deal with disappointment, sadness, anger and feelings of all sorts, goes a long, long way towards their overall success in life.

Kidlutions is your proud partner from early childhood through the teen years in helping you bring these ideas to life in memorable, fun and meaningful ways, to drive these concepts home and help even the youngest of children begin to build pathways in the brain that lead to success in all facets of their lives.

Talkin' Turkey: Not Just for Thanksgiving

Looking for a way to start teaching conflict resolution in the early years?  We've got you covered! Our "Talkin' Turkey" resource is chock full of ideas and activities to do just that.

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Here's what you get:

What's Inside:

Complete directions to introduce the concept and carry out the activities.


Problem Solving Ideas and Worksheets
Versions for Older and Younger Kids

A Craftivity

Wishbone Worksheet
Versions for Older and Younger Kids

5 Ways to Extend the Learning
Awesome Ways to S~T~R~E~T~C~H this resource!

Full color on the cover and posters
Black & white inside pages to save on ink.
(All may be printed in grayscale, if you prefer.)

Conflict Buster for Early Childhood

Help kids start learning these skills today for a calmer home or classroom!


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When it comes to conflict resolution:
Trust the Turkey!

May be used year round!

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