Problem Solving Printable: Talkin' Turkey

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Helping Kids Become Problem Solvers 

Helping kids become problem-solvers, especially when it comes to social skills, is something best done when the child is calm, cool and collected and can think of appropriate ways to resolve the issue at hand.  As with any skill, teaching social-emotional tools is best done by repetition. 
Our FREE printable is from our Talkin' Turkey workbook.  The printable can be used with younger or older kids. They can be invited to write or draw about a way they can solve a problem. Provide support and encouragement, as needed.

Talkin' Turkey 

Talkin' Turkey means two different sides come together to talk over a situation and resolve it.  When kids are having a difficult time socially, they can learn to "Talk Turkey".  It's a cute and memorable way to drive home this important social convention.  The printable above is just one of the many pages of ideas and activities we have in store for you in our newest resource: Talkin' Turkey: A Conflict Resolution Unit for the Early Years.

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How do you help kids solve conflict?


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