Three Ways a Grateful Heart is Good for You

Three Ways a Grateful Heart is Good for You

You've got to accentuate the positive! Counting your blessings is more than just a good idea, it actually helps you feel better. Here are three reasons a grateful heart is a good for you:

1. Your mind can only think of one thing at a time.  Positive or negative.  You choose. Which do you prefer. (Hint: if you choose positive, the negative is automatically cancelled out!)

2.  When you focus on gratitude or thankfulness, your mind will start looking for more of it.  The more you do it, the better you become at it.  Sheer brilliance!

3.  Whatever you pay attention to, you get more of.  Like attracts like. Focus on the good, and more good will come.

We all have frustrations and aggravating things going on in our lives.  So, when we say focus on the good, we are acknowledging that things aren't perfect, we're just choosing what to pay attention to. That's very empowering.

Teach Your Children Well

One of the best ways we know to teach your children all of the above is by doing it yourself!  You can also "talk out loud" about the above concepts and help your kids see the mental process behind "thinking positive", as well as provide family activities (such as those listed below) to help your kids become more grateful.

Want a few simple ways to help your gratitude grow?

Gratitude Journal Start a gratitude journal for your entire family.  Leave it sitting on the counter with plenty of colored markers or pencils and let everyone have at it, as the mood strikes.

Thankful Tree Get a fallen branch off a tree and use it to create an indoor "thankful tree".  Punch a hole in small squares of paper, thread a colorful ribbon through each one and leave in a basket by your "tree".  Allow family members to fill them out with things for which they are thankful and hang on the tree.  Collect and save them through the years.

Thankful Tablecloth My grandmother started a tradition long ago with a cloth tablecloth and a permanent marker. She invited everyone to sign their name, what they were thankful for and the year. She only brought it out on Thanksgiving, but you can use yours whenever your family gathers!

How does your family try to keep an attitude of gratitude?


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