Workbooks for Grieving Teens

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Grieving Teens Have Unique Needs

Grieving teens stand apart from grieving children and grieving adults.  Their unique needs come about due to their developmental status.  We've talked a bit about that in our recent article, which you can find HERE.

We've been busy for some time, creating teen-worthy grief workbooks that help with parental loss. One of our very first products was a grief workbook for children, which remains a top-seller to this day.  Since I've worked with many grieving teens, I thought it time to bring it all together in a resource that could serve teens in other settings, other cities and other countries. It's been a long time coming and I'm so proud to share this with the world.

Complete Clinician's Combo Set

Our Complete Clinician's Combo Set is available exclusively at Kidlutions.  This set is available at a deeply discounted price from purchasing each workbook separately.  The covers are full color, and the inside prompts, quotes and thoughts are done in black and white for ease of printing. You'll get close to 240 pages...PLUS...a BONUS MANUAL with creative ways to use your workbooks...PLUS...a mini-workbook (still in production, but will automatically be emailed to you within a one week period, after final edits are complete).  

Here's What You Get:

Included in this set is:
The Entire Collection for Teen Guys

The Entire Collection for Teen Girls

with creative ways to use the workbooks
in groups and paperless settings...
that's right, you don't even have to print
these to use them.  We'll show you how!

Valued at $20.00


An Exclusive Mini-Workbook
to help with any loss!

Valued at $20.00

The only thing "mini" about this workbook is its size (it folds in half, lengthwise).
This workbook boasts 30 pages of prompts to help kids deal with 
multiple types of losses (from death, break-ups and more).

Total Package Value is $200.00

All of this will retail for $160.00
for the complete set.

However, as an 
you can get the FULL package, 
including BONUSES,
 now for
JUST $80.00
for a limited time!

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The whole enchilada for the cost of two workbooks.

It's like buying two and getting two free...
not to mention the bonuses!

Your Time is Valuable...We KNOW!

As a clinician, you know your time is valuable.  You want resources that make a difference and get at the heart of your client's issues, without spending a small fortune and robbing you of  your precious personal time. You'll get your money back after using just one of these workbooks one time. The value is evident.

The clinician's workbooks are licensed for you to use with as many therapists at one site 
as you would like, with as many clients as you would like. If you plan on using these
resources at multiple sites, however, we ask that you contact us at HERE for special pricing to obtain a license for your other sites.  At just $20.00 per extra site, we know it's a bargain. Our wish is to make this affordable to agencies that span large geographical regions with multiple sites.  

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!
Why Should You Trust Us?

Kidlutions has been in business for close to 20 years and online for eight years.  We are respected and recognized worldwide as a provider of resources and services from the early childhood arena through the teen years.  We have worked hard to gain your trust and keep it.  We wouldn't compromise on that.  

Grief is one of our specialties and we have contributed to books, magazines and online venues about grieving children and teens for decades.  We have provided trainings about grief and loss and youth to schools, hospice programs and more. The founder of Kidlutions and creator of these workbooks, Wendy Young, secured a grant in the past that provided resources and services to grieving children and teens in 18 school districts in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Her ideas on grief were featured in Healing Magazine and Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul. Her workbook for grieving children, "How Long Does the Sad Last?" has helped thousands of children around the world.


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