Bloom: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and "Over-the-Top" Kids

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Bloom Parenting {and Teaching}

In this groundbreaking parenting book, my co-author, Dr. Lynne Kenney, and I "de-jargon-ize" what neuroscience tells us works best to raise healthy, happy children who want to behave.  Then we serve it up in a way that lets you start using new ideas and strategies with your children right away!  You can pick this book up and start applying this new approach in mere minutes!

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This Changes Everything

If you've been following us on twitterInstagramPinterest and facebook, you might have seen the tweets, posts, pins and status updates featuring Bloom: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids.  (Get the digital instant download version HERE!)  I've been waiting to tell you this for what seems forever, but the time has come! This is my official announcement that Bloom is hitting the newsstands May 5, 2015! I'm over-the-moon excited! (I'm still pinching myself.) Published by Unhooked Books, this guide will change the way you perceive misbehavior, how you feel about it and what you SAY, THINK and DO about it! It really does change EVERYTHING!

Glowing Reviews

This book has been endorsed by experts you probably know well (a trusted TV personality who's a parenting expert), and some you may not know, but will, such as a neuroscientist on the front lines of cutting edge molecular and behavioral neuroscience, an early childhood brain expert and an internationally known parenting expert, just to name a few.  I'll tell you what they had to say in a later post!

This book is unique for five reasons:

1. BLOOM helps you first!

1. Dr. Lynne and I help YOU calm yourself down first. As parents first and clinicians second, we know this is a pivotal piece towards success for your child. We also know how hard it can be. (Believe us, we know!) We'll guide you every step of the way! What we teach you will become part of your daily way of responding to problematic areas. (BONUS: Once you can apply these techniques to your child, you won't be able to help applying them to every relationship you have! It changes EVERYTHING!)

2. BLOOM gives you the exact things you, as a parent, 
can say, think and do when the going gets tough.

2. When you've reached the end of your rope, we're there to help you rein it all back in, get grounded, get control and help your child do the same. In fact, we have printable "mantras" right in the book! You can copy (or download) them and carry them with you or hang on the fridge, on a bulletin board or wherever else you may need. Each chapter is followed by pages of mantras you can use for specific developmental-behavioral issues that arise.  If these techniques work well with intense, over-the-top kids, imagine what they can do for your child!

3. BLOOM helps your child towards 
better behavior more quickly.

3. Bloom helps you move away from punishing your kids (science shows us this doesn't work...we explain it all in the book) and towards helping them replace misbehaviors with new skills and alternative behaviors, so they can become successful much more quickly at "doing the right thing". 

4. Exclusive Video Access

4.  This book has QR codes embedded in the book, which will take you directly to a private page for more information on each chapter. This is your exclusive pass to get a more in-depth explanation and tips directly from Dr. Kenney and me!

5. See Children More Clearly.

5. When you understand the biological, developmental and emotional reasons behind behaviors, you'll see children more clearly. Bloom provides you with this crucial information, which may be a turning point for you. Unlike most parenting books, we have also added chapters on grief and loss and trauma.  These are things we hope you don't have to help your children through, but if you do, you'll have expert advice at your fingertips (in addition to video support). 

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