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Don't Get Lost at Sea

If you're feeling lost at sea sometimes when it comes to dealing with common early childhood behaviors (biting, sassing, tantrums, aggressiveness, sleep troubles, anxiety, anger and MORE), give BLOOM: 50 Things to Say Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids a try. Like a beacon of light to a lost ship, this book can help you find your way back to the family you always dreamed you would have. BLOOM can help you get out of damage control with your kids and into a relationship with them that makes them want to behave.

Expert Help

In this book, you'll receive expert help from two clinicians who are moms first (Dr. Lynne Kenney and yours truly) and who have consulted to early childhood programs. We'll teach you the why's behind challenging behaviors, then we give you the thoughts to help yourself calm down and the exact words you can use (or tweak) to help move your child towards more skillful behavior quicker.

PLUS...you'll get exclusive videos that go with each chapter, that you access online with a QR code from the book.

IN ADDITION...you'll get printable mantras that you can cut right out of the book (or download and print from online), to hang on your fridge, bulletin board or bathroom mirror...wherever you need more support or assistance. (Some have told us this alone was more than worth the price of the book.)

AND...we cover some of the toughest topics not usually covered in parenting books: helping kids cope with trauma and grief. We hope you don't need those chapters, but if you do, the guidance will be so helpful and available on the spot.

Stop Drifting

If you are merely drifting along and find yourself in a reactive mode...waiting for the next big wave of behavior to knock you down or pull you under, take note and take heart: BLOOM can help! The strategies offered in BLOOM have been used with thousands of kids in homes, classrooms and daycare settings. With techniques that can help even the most intense kids, imagine what BLOOM can do for your child, your family or your classroom. Get back on course.

From Tots to Teens

The book is in full color and features the latest neuroscience and best practices in early childhood. Have teens in the house? No worries...the techniques in this book apply to them...as well as to pretty much every other human relationship you can imagine. If your kids are tots now, start using BLOOM as they grow and enjoy a closer relationship with them as teens and beyond.

BLOOM, the book that can change everything!
Read it now and start using the strategies five minutes later.
It's the book both Lynne and I wished we had when our kids were young!


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