Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Resources That Help

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: 
Resources That Help

In a recent post, we shared about trauma-driven behavior in children in kinship care and about building in resilience.  There are challenges and opportunities that abound in kinship care arrangements and grandparents (and other kinship parents) often have many questions.

We'd like to share some resources from around the web, that can get you started in finding the answers you seek.  

If you know of extra resources we might wish to add, please leave them in the comments.

In no particular order, here are your resources:

Grandparenting resources from 

Grandparenting resources from Western Michigan University

Here's a state by state listing of resources available to grandparents raising grandchildren:

Go HERE to see the resources.

Internet resources:

Go HERE to find internet resources.

Legal Issues:

Go HERE to find legal resources.

Information from AARP:

Go HERE to get information from AARP.

Raising Competent Children:
With Grief and Trauma in Mind

Parenting your grandchildren can take loads of patience and proven way to communicate, discuss and handle some of the tougher spots. This is particularly true in light or trauma and grief issues that often come when parenting grandchildren or being a kin provider/parent.  BLOOM can be a great support to you, by helping you understand the developmental and neurobiological underpinnings that lie beneath some behaviors and then showing you the best way to respond to and support children.

You can find all of Kidlutions' products to help raise incredible kids HERE.'

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you happy {grand}parenting and teaching,


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