Lighthouse Crafts and Activities for Kids

Lighthouse Crafts and Activities

Lighthouses are a wonderful thing to read about, study and learn more about during the summer months.  Here, we've assembled some great crafts, activities, reads and ideas that you can add to your summer fun.  Use these ideas in class, at camp, at daycare, in scouting and more! 

1: Create these fun lighthouses by following the directions found HERE.

2: Create this cute lighthouse by using these directions HERE.

3: Find coloring pages HERE.

4: Find more coloring pages HERE.

5: Try these cuties out by going HERE.

BONUS: Find out how to make a lighthouse sandwich HERE.

Need a Beacon of Light for Parenting {and Teaching}? 

(Sometimes we just do....and this can help.)

Find Your Beacon of Light HERE

More Summer Fun with a Purpose 

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For children ages 3-12 try:

For Teens ages 13-up try:

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