Play Therapy with Rocket Flyers

Blast Off!

I love the idea of a rocket ship theme in play therapy (or just plain ole' play). It's one that can be expanded upon in so many ways. The sky is really the limit (pun intended!) when it comes to creating additional ways to play. We'll give you a couple of ideas a free printable bullseye to add to the fun!

Rocket Flyers

I found these brilliant rocket flyers online at and the second I saw them, I knew I would have to use them for a play therapy activity.  Though these are all decked out in Fourth of July splendor, they can be made in any color combination to fit the season, and they are so dang cute, they just beg to be used for play therapy. Who was I to say "no"?

First Things, First

Get the directions to make your rockets right HERE. You'll find the materials you'll need, plus directions that will help you whip up the rockets in no time.

Ready to Play?

For starters, here's how I'd use them:

1. Q & A

1. Create a target in the therapy room with a posterboard or construction paper. Have the kiddo you are working with help. You can also download our handy printable, if you prefer!

Find it HERE!

2. Affix the target to the wall with painter's tape.

3. Create questions to use for each color on the bullseye.  When that color is hit, a card is drawn and the question is answered and discussed.  Rather not come up with your own questions? No problem! Simply use some ready-made questions from any of the following: 

TOTIKA cards {Set of 5}


IN A JAR: Try any of these!

2. Feelings 

Write the name of a feeling inside each ring of the bullseye. When any particular ring is hit, have the child:

a) Describe a time he felt that way.

b) Describe what someone could do if they felt that way.

c) Describe what might happen to someone to make them feel that way.

Now It's Your Turn 

How would you use this activity? We'd love to hear about it!

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