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Freebie Summer Printable

It's the first official day of summer break in my neighborhood, and to celebrate, we've whipped up a cute download that is suitable for younger and older kids.  Let kids dream and scheme with this printable.

For Younger Kids

For younger kids, our printable has a bit of design and a blank slate for non-writers to draw, doodle and depict what they'd like to do over the summer. Tweens and teens who like to draw and doodle may even be drawn to this version (pardon the pun). Why place limits? Ask your child, student or client which they'd rather use.

Find it all HERE.

For Older Kids

For older kids, we have a printable with smaller lines, so they can jot down what they'd like to do for fun in the coming summer. Heck, parents can use this, too! Why not?

Find it all HERE.

A Bit More About This Activity

While doodling, drawing and writing about summer plans may be fun, you're also giving kids and teens an opportunity to build crucial executive function skills.  Planning and executing plans all build more mental muscle!

What are you doing this summer?


Surviving Summer

Are things calm, cool and collected at your abode? Phew! I'm glad they are!

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Make this your greatest summer ever!


Thanks so much for these FUN printables!! I believe it is important for kids to have a summer plan. Before our summers started we had our kids create an "I'm Bored" list. It's so difficult to think of what to do when you are bored, but with a list you can easily find something you have been wanting to do and get to it!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Kirk and Melanie!

I love your "I'm bored" list idea...and love even more that you had your kids generate their own lists of things to do!

Wendy =)

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