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Back to School

Depending upon where exactly you are located on this globe, you have either already started back to school or you will soon be doing so. It's hard to hide the fact that summer is coming to a close when it gets just a tad darker just a tad earlier. At least that's the case in my locale.

So, back to school it is.

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Teachers and MORE!
If you are a teacher (and even if you are a parent, a daycare provider or a candlestick maker) won't want to miss our Teacher Tips for Back to School the BLOOM Way. We've had questions from teachers asking, "How do I apply BLOOM in my classroom?" Our collection of 35 tips is the answer. We have some tried and true tips, along with some tips that you won't find anywhere else (because they are unique to BLOOM), that will help you transform your classroom. Best of all, they are FREE! It's like having two clinicians and behavioral experts at your disposal, giving you 35 tips to use in classroom RIGHT NOW!

We know some of you are parents, clinicians and other professionals who work with children. No worries. These tips apply to you, too. But, you can only get them if you sign up HERE.  (If you already subscribe to our newsletter, you'll be receiving the links to the tips automatically! Membership has its benefits!)

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What You'll Get

You'll receive 35 tips, delivered up in two' a colorful, quick-to-read format, that you can start to institute immediately in your classroom! Here's an example of what you'll get. These tips are unique and expertly written. You are sure to find some things that will make a difference in your classroom! We can't wait to hear what you love most!

Here's just one example:

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Go ahead and sign-up HERE. A transformed classroom awaits! We think you're going to love what you see. PLUS...when you sign up, you'll also get the Kidlution Revolution, absolutely FREE. If, at any time, your needs change and you no longer need information to raise amazing kids and teens, simply unsubscribe. No questions asked. We only wish to share our information with those who will benefit from it most! 

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Special thanks go out to Dr. Lynne Kenney and Unhooked Books for making these tips possible. I'm eternally grateful to both of them for making BLOOM a reality and for being some of the most honorable, kind and generous people with whom to be affiliated. 

We hope to see you via the newsletter! Join now!

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