Blueberries for Better Health

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More than Just a Taste Bud Tickler

Blueberries are one of my most favorite things to add to a morning smoothie. Naturally sweet and tasty, their benefits go much further than just making your taste buds smile! While they can be decadent in muffins, pies and other pastries, you'll get the most nutritional value when you ingest them in their natural state. If you looked inside my fridge right now, you'd find five pounds of these bitty berries, beckoning you to dig in!

Health Benefits 

The health benefits of these berries have been touted far and wide. Their antioxidant, cardiovascular, cognitive, eye health and blood sugar benefits can help support one's overall wellness.  You can read the good news in this thoughtful and research-based post on blueberries by

Fun with Blueberries

Looking for some ways to incorporate blueberries into your family's diet?  Here you go:

Super Foods at Every Meal

Click photo to read more.

There may be nothing better than blueberries! Or is there? Check out this
book to find some of the superfoods you can incorporate in every family meal.

Nutrition is huge when it comes to behavior.
Dr. Lynne Kenney and I talk about it more in BLOOM.

Fro Frutti Frozen Dessert Maker

Click photo to read more.

We like this because you have total control over what goes in your 
frozen concoction. If you want nothin' but fruit, you got it!

Traverse Bay Premium Dried Blueberries

Dried and packed right here in Michigan! Click photo to read more.
Note, the company has added a "touch" of sunflower oil and sugar. Read labels carefully
if being completely sugar-free is important to you. Always read your labels! Fresh is BEST, but dried will still offer
a better nutritional boost than candy!

Nature's All Organic Blueberries

Nature's All, Organic Blueberries, Freeze-Dried, 1.2 oz (12 pack)
Click on photo to read more.

The dried blueberries above are gluten-fee, raw and vegan. You can order
and eat these year round!

Blueberries for Sal

Click photo to read more.

Why not link what you're eating to literacy for the young ones in your life? 
How fun. This classic book will do the trick!

Blue Man Group

Click photo to read more.

Okay, this isn't exactly an edible blue food, but you'll "eat up" 
this show andfind yourself wanting more. Really. Read all about it
 HERE. I couldn't resist throwingthis in because our family 
had so much fun at the show! And...well...they're blue!

And laughing is good for your insides, too...
and you'll do plenty of that at the show!

How do you like YOUR blueberries?
Tell us in the comments!


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