Parent with Less Scolding and Shaming

Parenting with Less Scolding and Shaming

Did you know...
"When we talk about disrespectful children, we must look at parenting. Solid parenting shows children respect and empathy. When a parent truly gives respect to a child, they receive it back. When this becomes the norm for the household, we see young people grow up with a loving value system that makes a difference in the world. However, when children are shamed, humiliated and then silenced, it represses the harm that may re-surface later in life. If this happens, it can be in the form of self-destruction or cruelty to others."   Karyl McBride, PhD
What Does It Look Like?

Solid parenting does show respect and empathy, but what does that look like in the real world? Parents came to us for years, asking that very question. Loving teachers asked it, too. This was never more true than when they were dealing with incredibly tough situations and behaviors that challenged even the most patient caregiver. 

I can picture all of these concerned individuals in my mind. We could probably fill Radio City Music Hall if we gathered them all together. And those were just the ones who were courageous enough to ask. We know there are many more out there, scratching their heads and asking the same questions.

No More Pondering!

We know that to help kids change their behavior, it sometimes requires that we change, too. As parents and caregivers, we need new things to say, think and do. It's the premise upon which our book was built.

Bloom was written to help parents and educators raise kids with less scolding and shaming and MORE support and that behavior change can occur more quickly and last for the long haul. We know it works...and so do those who have read our book and are starting to apply the concepts! 

I got an email from a mom today that said...

I enjoyed Bloom! I have been using a lot of breathing techniques and repeating my own mantras... They go something like this, 'My kids deserve to have a mom who is not bat *$%& crazy.'  Ha ha."

Calming Ourselves Down First

Isn't that the best? This mom is working on her calming herself down, so she could help her kids calm down, too! {We tell you all about it in the book!} You really do need to do this in your own voice and in a manner that helps you remember it best! That's what makes it more salient, more do-able...and what really allows it to work when the rubber meets the road.

BLOOMing Your Way

I loved that email more than this mom will ever know. It completely gives credence to what Dr. Kenney and I set out to do...create a book that could be 100% tailored to meet your needs. We invite you, in the book {see page 7}, to create your own mantras...and even provide colorful, blank mantra cards for you to do so {at the end of almost every chapter}! It gives me such joy to know that moms {and dads} are out there "doing" BLOOM their way! It's changing lives...and creating peace across the family at a time!

Coming next: How we are helping to "Create Classrooms that BLOOM!" It's not just homes with children that need to BLOOM...entire school districts and regions are starting to BLOOM, too! We'll show you that next!


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