Stay in the Play with Your Kids

Want to "Stay in the Play" with your kiddos? It's an important thing to do when we've got littles around.  Dr. Lynne (my co-author of BLOOM) served up some ideas on how you can do just that, which I wanted to share with you. 

An excerpt from her printable states: 

When parents learn to stay in the play, the play experience is more enjoyable and fruitful for all. Simply be present, stay with the theme and when you are not sure what to say or do next, be quiet and wait for the next verbal prompt form your child. Childern know how to play. They will lead the way.

Find the full PDF printable with several ideas and examples HERE. While I was pondering this notion of play, a timely message came across my desk from an affilate program, that wooden toys by Hape are HALF OFF today only, while supplies last (yep, it even includes the cute toy town pictured above!) I clicked through and found these lovely little gems, and I'll be, they really were HALF OFF! If you're budgeting, like most of us are, and you've got some preschoolers to buy for this holiday season, you may wish to check it all out! The savings can really add up, especially if you take advantage of the free shipping (special restrictions apply).

Here's to a lifetime of play for all of us!

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