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Thank You!

We're so thankful for all of you! Thanks for being our companion on this journey to make the world a happier, more harmonious place by raising kids with compassion, emotional intelligence and solid problem-solving skills. Kids are our legacy and we're all in this together when it comes to creating a future that gets brighter every day. The sky's the limit when it comes to all the possibilities that exist! Whether you benefit from our freebies, read and apply the concepts in BLOOM, or complete our activity-based interventions that grow great kids, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 


These two freebies are excerpted from our Thankful Thoughts for Kids and Teens resource. You'll note that while there is a Thanksgiving themed printable, we have also created a more generic thankful printable for use year round, or with kids who may not celebrate Thanksgiving. Honestly, around here, we think we should find gratitude every day!

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Again, thanks for sharing the journey with us!

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You can still get our Thankful Thoughts 
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If you are looking for activities that 
help promote gratitude,you can find 
three unique resources below 
by clicking on the images.

All resources pictured 
are 50% OFF:

Find this resource HERE, or click on images above.

Here's another resource. It works for kids AND teens
and may be used throughout the year! 
It's really like 3 resources in one!

Find this resource HERE, or click on image above.

Read More by Clicking the Image Below:

This resource is a 3-in-1 deal! All the details are available HERE!

It's not just for Thanksgiving! 
This resource also contains generic "thankful" pages for use year round! 
Why? Because gratitude should not be limited to one day!

And, how about some Talkin' Turkey 
to help children learn how to handle conflict?

Go HERE to find this resource, 
or click on the image above.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours,


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