New Year's Activities for Kids 2016

New Year's Activities for Kids

Looking for New Year's Celebrations ideas to share with your kids? 
We've rounded up a few from around the web...more than 50, to be exact! 
Sit back and peruse your options, then pick the ideas 
that would resonate most with your kids!

Here you'll find six different crafts, activities and more. This one's from our archives.

From Today's Parent

Keep it stress free with our friend's expert tips from Stress Free Kids. 
Lori Lite provided this guest post for us a few years back.

Did you make any resolutions? How do you keep going strong
even after we've flipped the calendar to February?

From the Simple Parent. 

In 2016  2017  I Hope You...

As we herald in 2016, if you have decided this is the year to get things to a 
place of peace, harmony and calm in your home or classroom,
I hope you'll consider giving BLOOM
a try. It's been working for thousands of parents and teachers
around the globe for over two years now!

If it works with anxious, angry 
and over-the-top kids, imagine what it can do for your kids!

You can get the digital, instant download version  HERE!

The book, which I co-authored with Dr. Lynne Kenney, 
is the culmination of about 50 years of combined clinical practice and 
research, outlining the BEST ways we know to raise incredible, 
happy, well-adjusted kids.

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