Moms, How Much You Weigh Has Nothing to Do with Food

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Nothing to Do with Food

How much you weigh has nothing to do with food. It has everything to do with your relationship to food. 

Say what? 

Oh, yes! 

How you think about food, how you use it, the ways in which you have come to rely on it to lift your spirits, soothe your soul, act as a balm after a harrowing day or celebrate a big accomplishment...that is just part of how you relate to food. 

And therein lies the rub. 

Some people eat to live...others live to eat. It all gets heaped in together sometimes in one big tangled web of emotions and gallon tubs of ice-cream. And we hardly even notice that it's happened. 

And the numbers on the scale creep we stop hopping on the scale...and take comfort in the fact that leggings and "stretch" jeans are available. We hardly notice the toll it starts taking on us until...until...we do. And then we're so caught up in it that we have no clue how to back ourselves out. 

Help is Here!

Sometimes we need a little bit of help to jump-start our self-care journey. Ohhhhhhhhh, can we talk about self-care for a moment? Is it the first thing on your list? If you're like most moms, it's probably NOT. But it really should be. We need to take extra good care of ourselves so we can take better care of those around us. It's pretty simple, and pretty difficult at the same time. 

I'm not just guessing at this. I'm a mom like you. I KNOW!

Feeling Sluggish, Puffy, Stressed or Fatigued?

If you are feeling sluggish, puffy, stressed, fatigued, irritable or any other host of not-so-great feelings, it might be a warning sign that you need to TAKE CARE BETTER CARE OF YOU! If you answered yes to any of those questions, be sure to join in on the next big cleanse.  I'll be a participant with you.  It's part of my gift to myself for my own self-care! This is going to be BIG! 

Stop Putting Yourself Last!

Stop putting yourself last! Stop it! I preach self-care to my clients and those I provide supervision to and I try to practice as I preach. That's why I'm participating in the next 14-day cleanse with the Nourish to Flourish Society.

My friends Angelle and Jill are health + lifestyle coaches who’ve created this 14-day experience just for women who are ready to feel and look better in 14 days by eating clean and taking extra good care of themselves. I love their coaching work and have had great experiences with them before. In fact, I've never felt better than when I did one of Angelle's cleanses a few years ago. I'm looking forward to recapturing that feeling!

It Isn't Just About Weight

This is not another ‘weight-loss’ program, but you’ll likely jump start some weight loss if you follow the plan. This is about nourishing your body and your spirit with deliciously simple food and taking great care of yourself.  We’re going to be focusing on what we eat AND how we eat. I’m looking forward to feeling great going into Spring and Summer.

Psssstttttt...when you focus on yourself and make self-care your intention, amazing things happen...and I've a feeling this cleanse is going to make food a friend, not a foe...which ultimately, is going to be just the kick-start you need for any longer-term goals you've set for yourself. I've a hunch this will be about our relationship with food and how we use it for emotional reasons. Angelle and Jill have been hush-hush about all of it, but having been through Angelle's program in the past, I can guarantee you, you are going to be VERY well taken care of!

Jill Tanis and 
Jill and Angelle

I love that Angelle and Jill have coached thousands of women over the last 12 years inspiring them in their emotional eating and healthy eating journeys. Check out the details HERE

And, just so you know, there’s no perfect here and it’s a no-judgment zone. It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried – this is going to be a whole different experience! I’m betting that it will be one of the best investments you and I have ever made in ourselves!

Let me know if you want to join me and bring a friend or two with you! Let’s support each other in getting healthier. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


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