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Kindness has a Ripple Effect

As I celebrate my birthday, I reflect on my past year and what is yet to come. One of the things I am thankful for is all of you...for sharing this journey of making the world a better place by how we treat the next generation. Our kindness will have a ripple effect for all eternity. I have no doubt! 

It's More than Just "Being Nice"

But this isn't just about being nice! We know it goes much deeper than that. It's teaching self-control and dealing with disappointment, learning how to accept no for an answer and abide by loving limits. It's demonstrating good anger management and helping kids understand that in their terms, in a developmentally appropriate way. 

We can teach all of it with kindness and with never raising our voices, if we learn how. It's within reach for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us! I promise. It's all outlined HERE  in BLOOM for parents, but for helping kids deal with intense feelings, we've got ALL OF THIS!

Sharing Good Feelings

All feelings are good. When we can manage them and appreciate them for the information they provide us, our lives become all that more JOYFUL! Help kids celebrate all it means to be human by helping them lean into and embrace their feelings!

Here's to JOY!


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