The Mom Summit and Nourish to Flourish Can Change Your Life!

Mom Summit

Parenting just got a little easier! Want to hear from 15+ experts on everything from sleep to nutrition to behavior?  You can learn more about it and sign-up right HERE to do just that. This program runs on April 18th and 19th. That's tomorrow and Tuesday, coming up! Don't delay! It's FREE to sign-up and you can catch the shows on replay for 48 hours after they air!

This is the BONUS you'll get on the day I present:

the Mom Summit!
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And NOW...

Let's turn our sights towards better self-care! We can only help others to the degree we help ourselves! This one is a WINNER, for sure! The clock is ticking down! Registration opened today, and the cleanse begins next Sunday, April 24th. You'll want to hop on board as soon as you can, to start getting yourself prepared for the two-week journey that will change you!

Nourish to Flourish

This is going to be amazing! Angelle Batten and Jill Tannis have partnered together to offer an incredible "self-care" two weeks for just the ladies! I'm going to be a participant in the Nourish to Flouish Cleanse and I know you'll love it, too, if you join! I've done a cleanse with Angelle before and I've never felt better. This cleanse can't get here fast enough for. I'm over-the-top enthusiastic about it, if you can't tell! Plus, you're going to get bonuses and a private facebook page for support that's already kicked-off! I was in there earlier today! Angelle and Jill will field all questions and they are highly responsive! They're going to give SO much and believe me, you WILL benefit!

If you choose to join, and I hope you will, be sure to check Wendy Young (that's me) as your referral source! All of my readers that sign-up for this cleanse under my name will be receiving a BONUS email from me worth $30.00! You're going to receive our Mandelas for Moms resource absolutely free...that OR $30.00 in Kidlutions Kash to spend any way you'd like in our store!


Or...$30 in Kidlutions Kash to spend in our store!

You'll be a winner, either way!

This cleanse is worth every penny. Every. Penny. Do something good for yourself!

JOIN HERE and click Wendy Young! As soon as Angelle and Jill send my confirmation that you've joined, I'll be sending off my little bonus! 

{affiliate link}

All my best to you,


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