Music Changes Brains: Bloom Brainsmarts

Music Changes Brains for the Better

Music changes brains for the better. In the past, we've talked about how it can even take the place of medication and help with manners here. It's amazing to think that something we use for enjoyment and entertainment can actually enhance our thinking, physiology and behavior.

Join Dr. Lynne Kenney and me for an upcoming training on executive function, learning, behavior and MORE. Bloom Brainsmarts will be a 20 hour intensive training that helps you translate research into practice for your classroom, clinic office or home. Designed to help teachers, clinicians and parents apply the latest research to help kids be the best they can be, learn most effectively and behave in a socially acceptable manner through skill-building.


You won't want to miss this! Come learn more about the training and "Musical Thinking", plus the more than 50 activities you can use to transform your classroom, home or practice.

Musical Thinking is just one part of the many, many ideas, concepts and activities you will learn in this 20 hour training. Dr. Kenney and I are so excited to share everything with you! Time is drawing near!

You can still register for the EARLY BIRD discount if you register by June 2, 2016!

This training is webinar-based and recordings 
will be available to watch at your convenience.

We'll be sharing more about other parts of the training in future posts...
there is truly something for everyone to use to enhance and build their library
of interventions and provide deep and lasting change for children and families!


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