Sassing and Disrespect: 3 Minute Makeover

Sassing and Disrespect

Sassing and disrespect. Did we get your attention? We thought so!

The BIG Button Pusher

It's one of the biggest button-pushers we hear about from parents and educators. As long as there have been parents and children, this challenge has persisted. It's been dealt with in numerous ways through the years, with limited results.

Stopping Sass Sooner

There is a way to deal with this challenging behavior, however, that allows both you and the child to maintain your dignity, as well as get to a place of calm a LOT sooner!

Watch our 3 Minute Makeover to see!

Did You Notice?

Did you notice what just happened here? The adult moved out of their defensive brain, chose NOT to personalize the behavior, and focused on helping the child learn a new way to cope with big feelings.

Wouldn't That Be Letting Them Get Away with It?

There is nothing to "let them get away with" in this instance. You may talk with the child about the sass/disrespect later, when both of you are calm, and remind the child about your family or classroom culture and mission. The difference in this approach from a traditional approach is that there is no punishment or consequence agenda at play. It's about seeking understanding and teaching skills. It's what neuroscience tells us works. I've seen it work! Over and over again!

Don't think this could work to help a child become better behaved more quickly than yelling, removing privileges and punishment? We challenge you to try it! We've witnessed this work wonders in our office and in homes! People across the globe are using this approach to create more harmony and peace in their classrooms and families. In fact, it's a universal truth that this approach works equally well in boardrooms and organizations.

This is just one of the many concepts in BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids.


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