The Benefits of Coloring for All Ages

National Coloring Book Day!

You may think it's August 2nd today, and in that you'd be correct, but it's something MUCH bigger than that! Oh, is National Coloring Book Day, and in honor of that, we're offering ALL of our coloring book resources at 60% off! That's right! You can find out more HERE.

The Benefits of Coloring for All Ages

1. Coloring is a rhythmic activity that calms the limbic (emotional) brain. Calming limbic systems is a pretty big deal. This is especially true if you have kids who are anxious, angry or over-the-top! In today's stressed-out world, we need all the relaxation we can get!

2. Research in both psychology and neuroscience support that doodling and drawing
help with focus, memory and retention. If you're a teacher, we hope you encourage doodling and drawing for your students! Do you already do this? Tweet us and tell us!

3. May promote creativity and flexible thinking. Who doesn't want that? One psychologist believes it can provide people with a way to flex their creativity. He's not alone, if you continue to explore the studies that are available. 

4. Relaxed states can lead to more discussion of important topics. If you're a parent, why not try coloring together as a family and experiencing the relaxation benefits that are to be had? In addition, you may just find that these sorts of moments lend themselves to conversation and connection you hadn't planned on. We'd love to hear what you discover! Just tell us over on our facebook page!

5. It's fun! No explanation needed!

We've Been Doing This for Over 25 years

We've been long-time fans of the coloring craze...way, way before it hit mainstream and we've been using coloring techniques in therapy for over 25 years. From toddler to teen and BEYOND, there is no denying the calming, wonderful benefits that coloring brings! 

What Makes Our Coloring Resources Unique

If you intend to use coloring in your home, classroom or therapy office, and I hope you do...we encourage you do get the most bang for your buck! Always! What makes our coloring resources unique is that one buyer pays one time and can print as many sheets or booklets as they need for their kids, students or as many therapy clients as they wish. (If using with multiple teachers or therapists, please contact us for special pricing!)

To grab any of our coloring resources for use in your home, classroom or therapy office, see below!

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Here's to Your Relaxation

Here's a more relaxed and creative family, classroom and therapy practice! 


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