Are You are Self-care Slacker?

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Are You a Self-care Slacker?

It's been a long, long summer. It's been fun, but it's been long.  For most moms, it's been filled with sibling squabbles, days at the beach, late nights, family vacation, and more. While you probably loved every minute of it, you likely didn't get to spend much time on self-care, that ever-elusive but always important commodity.

With school back in session, chances are you're busy packing lunches, helping with homework and getting everyone ready to get out the door in time. You may feel like you've already put in an 8-hour day before your key is in the ignition for the morning drop-off.

Already feeling sluggish and worn down?

Have you been a self-care slacker?

Feeling Frazzled, Anxious or Out-of-Sorts?

Feeling frazzled, anxious or out-of-sorts? You are not alone. Truly. I hear from hundreds of stressed out moms online, see them in my office and get emails in my inbox telling the tales of mamas who are overtaxed, overburdened and overwhelmed. In short, they are in need of some serious self-care. Problem is, it's hard to find the time and space to make it happen.


It's time to SLOW DOWN and take a breath.

A great big one.

Tune out some of the extraneous noise and tune in to what you need right now. Take care of yourself. It will make you much better at taking care of those around you. That's a good thing...but do it for yourself. Because you deserve it...just for you.

We all have our favorite ways to relax, and get back to our best versions of ourselves.

Tune-up for Your Entire Mind, Body and Spirit

In addition to spending time with family, laughing, finding JOY and practicing mindfulness, I have come to love participating in spring {and now fall} cleanses. I've been doing this seasonally {read about a past cleanse here} for about three years now...and the results are amazing. I like to think of it like a tune-up for your entire mind, body and spirit. If you want to feel refreshed, at ease, calm and relaxed, with a renewed sense of energy while eating healthy, whole foods (you won't eat anything you can't buy at your local grocery store)...and your whole family can eat the chef-inspired meals you'll be preparing to improve your health and boost your mood. (True story: my kids LOVED the recipes on the cleanse!) You're going to feel like you're eating in an upscale restaurant...only it's prepared in your own kitchen with ingredients you can pronounce!

I'll be in on this upcoming Nourish to Flourish Fall Cleanse...and I invite you to join me.

You can learn all about it HERE!

Hope to see you on the inside!

Would a little self-care look good on you? I can't think of one mama I know who wouldn't benefit!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in the above post. 
All thoughts stem my true experience with this cleanse and are 100% my own.


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