Coping Candy: Help kids with Sadness, Anger, Disappointment & More

Help Kids Cope

Looking to help kids cope with BIG feelings like sadness, anger, disappointment & more? Now you can do it in a fun and memorable way that helps coping skills become like second nature. 

Instant Download: JUST $10.00 
Use it again and again,
with any number of children 
with whom you work

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Here's a peek inside:

Just $10.00 Now!

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You'll get directions that help kids discover coping skills
that will last a lifetime. You'll help them tackle sadness, anger, disappointment
and MORE. 

This resource is flexible, providing you with blank templates to add your own feelings
and coping skills, so you can customize to any child or group.

You'll get directions for use with individual children and for groups or classroom use!

We think you're going to adore it! We've been using it with kids all week and so far,
it's been all thumbs up!

Get yours now and use it for years to come! 



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