Eight Great Ways to Be Thankful for Kids of All Ages

Image shared with the permission of the artist/creator, Michael Kline. Click image.
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Eight Great Ways to Be Thankful for Kids of All Ages

I love stumbling upon cool things and helping kids become more thankful has been our topic du jour as of late around here. This awesome graphic, ahem...infotoon... is perfect, in my eyes, so I knew I had to share it with all of you! I saw it on twitter this morning.

Share and Share Alike!

I reached out to the author, Michael Kline, who graciously allowed me to share! This work originally appeared in Kids Discover Magazine. My kids used to read the magazine when they were younger. (One is graduating with honors with a degree in Biochemistry this spring...wonder if there is any relation?) Good stuff, indeed! And so is this graphic!

Put it Into Action!

Cozy up with your kiddos and peruse these eight ideas...then challenge your kids and yourself to pick one area to focus on for the next several weeks! Make gratitude last all year long. Here's what the researchers have to say about why it's so important!

While these ideas are created for kids, I think we can all agree, they're great things to do for kids of ANY age (just as the author suggests)!

Which is Your Favorite?

I love them all, but #8 is one that is vitally important for all of us! I do it all day long in my office and when I'm consulting. Don't let me lead you astray...I love to talk, too....but...listening is where the magic happens! 

Just this past week, I suggested #3 
to a family with which I work 
and guess what....it changed 

Try them all! And see what kinds of changes take place around YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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