Thanksgiving Thankful Freebies

Gobble, gobble! That time of year has come again! 

Thank you for being the kind of parent, educator 
or caregiver who supports 
social emotional development in all kids. 

You'll find two separate sets of free printables below,
plus our seasonal resources that help kids
with gratitude and conflict.

You can download our thankful printable HERE!

Here's another set of freebies from last year:

You can grab the above freebies HERE.

If you are looking for activities that 
help promote gratitude,you can find 
three unique resources below 
by clicking on the images.

All resources pictured 
are 50% OFF:

Find this resource HERE, or click on images above.

Here's another resource. It works for kids AND teens
and may be used throughout the year! 
It's really like 3 resources in one!

Find this resource HERE, or click on image above.

And, how about some Talkin' Turkey 
to help children learn how to handle conflict?

Go HERE to find this resource, 
or click on the image above.


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