1-Minute Anger Management Activity for Kids and Teens

Actual list generated in one minute by an elementary student.

1-Minute Anger Management Activity for Kids/Teens

The other day, I was working on anger management with a young charge and challenged the child to come up with as many coping skills as he possibly could while I timed him for 1-minute.

What resulted was amazing. The child came up with more ideas than I imagined he would!

High-fives, knuckles and excitement ensued.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!

What you need:

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Timer (I used my phone)

Paper/Pencil or White Board

A Brainstorming Attitude

How I Introduced the Idea

I introduced the idea as a challenge, and told the child to not judge any ideas that came to him...to just go with it and write the ideas down as quickly as possible.

Group Adaptation

Want to do this for a group? Allow each child to write down their ideas on their own paper. Then, create a master list, from all of the available options.

Processing the Activity

After the list was created, we went through and discussed which activities would really be helpful and which would actually be used by the child. We also discussed which activities were healthier than others! =)

What would you add to this activity? This is just a start! It can be expanded in so many ways! Share how you would do it below!


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I am in the process of compiling my first roundup post on anger management activities for kids. I saw your post and liked the idea. May I use it for my roundup post. I might pull up some pictures from the posts. But I will credit your work and provide a link back to your website
Thank you for stopping by...and asking to include our content/link. You may absolutely do so! Make it a fabulous day!

Wendy =)

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