Coping Cookies: Help Kids Cope with Anger, Sadness, Fear and More

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Coping Cookies

Ever met a kid who didn’t like cookies? We haven’t either!

Now, you can get one resource that helps kids deal with a multitude of concerns or feelings! This resource will help kids learn to cope with anger, sadness, fear and more!

Bigger Than a Baker’s Dozen

Our “Coping Cookies” resource offers more than 3 dozen coping skills options to help kids deal with any feeling you can imagine!

A Sample of What's Inside:


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You’ll find three complete activities with directions, as well as full color and black and white options (you choose). You’ll come to this resource again and again! This activity may be adapted for use with any variety of feelings that may be difficult for children to cope:

Therefore, it’s adaptable for any sort of issue with which children may be grappling:


You’ll find a list of 40 coping skills that can help with just about anything with which a child is dealing. That makes this product incredibly flexible. 

Here’s the table of contents:

Instant Download Product suitable for children who are able to read and write.
If you purchase this and you'd like to adapt if for children as young at three,
simply contact me and I'll be happy to share how to do that!

An Incredible Value for Parents, Clinicians and 
Teachers Who Care About 
Social-Emotional Development

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And if you like these cookies...
give us a few days, because we'll be
serving up a couple of new 
batches in just a few days!
Stay tuned!

Here's a peek at the covers:



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