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I have a quick question.
Do you wish you could STOP having to manage your child's behavior at every turn of the corner? Are you exhausted at the end of the day as a teacher, parent or clinician? Feeling weighed down because you're constantly putting out fires and just trying to stay afloat? Feeling at a crossroads when it comes to a fresh approach to age-old problem behaviors?
Stop it!

Stop second-guessing about all of it and start doing what works! It's all about to change. Here's more:

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The Answer

The answer lies in neuroscience. Once we learn the how's and why's about the brain, and add interventions that are research-based, we can approach behavior problems from a fresh paradigm: one that lifts up children and helps them move to prosocial behaviors much more quickly than traditional approaches. 

Guess what? Dr. Kenney and I took all the pain out of reading and researching for you. We've spent thousands of hours reading, researching and comparing strategies and interventions, as well as creating our own interventions that are supported by the research. We've taken away the pain and bring you a powerful set of ready-to-use interventions. 

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Early Bird Pricing is in effect until January 31, 2017. 

Hope to see you on the inside!


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