Everyday Neuroscience for Educators, Parents and Clinicians

Neuroscience Meets Education

Bloom Brainsmarts: Where Neuroscience Meets Education. The BLOOM approach helps with learning and behavior and both are inextricably connected. It's been exciting to share everything we've learned with educators, parents and clinicians. We've taken years of research and experience and put it into a framework that works across environments, with some of the most challenging behaviors you can imagine. If this approach works so well with intense kids, imagine what it can do for all kids! There are a few days left to sign up. Find out more HERE.

A BLOOM BrainSmarts training is currently in progress and you can still join
until 2/2117. Just a few days are left! This 12 hour training provides
printables, handouts and MORE that you can start using immediately!
Find out more about it HERE!

A Systematized Approach You Can Count On

What's more, our framework is systematized...it's put into an easy "SAY, THINK and DO" format that is easy to apply and remember.  We think that you'll find once you adopt the BLOOM approach, you will apply it to every human interaction you have. It's just that powerful! 

Making Real and Lasting Change

We are coming up on the two-year anniversary since the release of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids. It seems like I just received my own copy in the mail (what an exciting moment that was), yet so much has happened in the meantime!

Dr. Lynne Kenney and I have trained countless educators, parents and clinicians in the BLOOM approach. We are grateful, and more importantly, we are so happy to hear what a difference this loving, neuroscientific approach is having in classrooms, homes and clinics across the world!

This picture was just shared with me this week by a wonderful mama, 
Kaylee M., who has seen changes in mere days of using BLOOM at home!
These changes have even carried over into school! Thanks so much 
for sharing your GREAT news and allowing us to share with others, Kaylee!

BLOOM this Spring in South Dakota...

Finally, I will be providing a keynote presentation at the South Dakota Early Childhood Education Conference focusing on BLOOM. I'm super excited to continue broadening the circle of "BLOOMERS"! If you are in the South Dakota area, I hope you can join us! Learn more about it HERE!

Combining what we know about neuroscience, the social sciences and relationships make real and lasting change in all environments for all people. 

Join us and start BLOOMING today! 

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