Cups of Joy

Cups of Joy

My new idea has been brewing since late 2016, but I didn't even realize until just recently, when it all came together in my head. More on that story in a future post. 

Right now, we're busy serving up Cups of Joy, our newest addition to the Kidlutions line-up of products. This one's a novelty for us because it's the first time we're offering a tangible product. 

For well over a decade, we've been known for our downloadable, therapeutic-strength interventions that help kids. We still pinch ourselves over becoming a globally recognized leader in child and adolescent mental health. It makes us want to be better and do better and part of that includes giving back. 

Free print is an instant download. Frame not included. Click image to learn more.

I See It All Firsthand

As a practicing clinician and early childhood mental health consultant, I see it all firsthand, the faces of need, or grief and trauma...and get a peek inside the hearts and minds of kids who've suffered immeasurable challenges. Some of them have experienced more negativity, loss and despair than many of us will see in a lifetime. And yet, as heart-wrenching as that is, these kids have grit, resiliency and the will to prevail. It's humbling, to say the least. 

Sometimes, these kids have needs that can't be taken care of by family or state-subsidized programs, and they go without. Maybe they have to wear a dulled and gray t-shirt to the spring concert, while their peers are dressed in shiny new shirts and ties, maybe their feet get wet when it rains because they have holes in the bottom of their sneakers, maybe they want to give a small gift to a dying parent, but haven't the funds to do so. Those kids exist and I've locked eyes with them through the years.  

Cups of Joy Changes It All

That's where Cups of Joy comes in! Every purchase from our Cups of Joy line help support these at-risk kids. We can't wait to see where it all leads, and the bottom line is, it will be helping kids and changing lives. And we're excited to have you along for the ride!

So, wake-up to JOY and let it spread like wildfire! Start with your own JOY and let it ripple outwards. There's a contagion in joy and we think that's the best part of all! Each one of our cups is designed to remind you to think positively and to remember to pass it on!

A Perfect Fusion

Creating these mugs is the perfect fusion of two of my greatest loves...helping kids and seeking JOY. Joy is not as elusive as we think. In fact, it's lurking in the most unlikely of places and we can even seek it out in the smallest of spaces. I think we should. And we should teach our kids to do the same! We've been helping families do this for years...and now we hope to step out to do it in a bigger way.

Every purchase of on of the mugs from our Cups of Joy collection helps!

A Cup and a Whole Lot More!

With every Cup of Joy ordered, you will receive:
1. An instant download print of the saying that matches the mug, as pictured above!
Print on beautiful paper and frame (frame is not included). It's our little way of saying "thank you" for supporting this mission. 

If you are giving your Cup of Joy as a gift, you can print, frame (with your own frame) and present to the recipient right away! 
Free print is an instant download. Frame not included. Click image to learn more.

Want to print one for yourself, your mama and your neighbor Jeanine? By all means! We get more JOY when we spread it around!
Free print is an instant download. Frame not included. Click image to learn more.

2. Along with your printable, you will also receive a printable gift card (square) that shares the backstory on the "Cups of Joy" mission, how it will benefit children and how it's truly a gift that gives back! We suggest printing this on durable cardstock and adding to your greeting card. Ordering ahead of time and giving the gift in person? Simply tuck the card inside the mug!


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