3 Ways Toxic Stress Impacts Learning

3 Ways Toxic Stress Impacts Learning

Toxic stress can do a number on our brains. It has a huge impact on the most vulnerable brains of all...developing, young brains. Not only will this impact healthy mental and emotional development, it will also impact learning in significant ways.

Learn three ways toxic stress impacts learning by watching the two-minute excerpt from the BLOOM Brainsmarts training which is available now to teachers, parents and clinicians. This information is crucial for anyone who cares about or works with children.

These two minutes may help you better understand the difficulties some kids face in the classroom due to trauma and toxic stress. It's just scratching the surfaced of what we are covering in this online training event, which is available for a limited time.

Attend the Training Online, On-Demand

To learn about how you can attend the entire training and get all of the associated interventions, printables and supports that make a real and lasting change for kids, GO HERE! The training is already underway and runs until September 30, 2017. We've an equal mix of teachers, parents, clinicians and administrators attending now. Contact me directly to see how you can have your whole staff train in this approach, which is currently being used in thousands of classrooms worldwide, including South Africa, the UK, the Philippines, Canada, the US and more!

Find all the details on this program by clicking the image below:

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Until September 1, 2017.

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If you have any questions, let me know! 

Hope you can join us!


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