Pie in the Sky Parenting

I like pie as much as the next guy...and, truth be told, probably even more. Shhhhhhh, don't tell my nutritionist friends! {That's just between you and me!}

With the solar eclipse upon us today (get safety tips from NASA here), my mind turns towards "pie in the sky". Are you familiar with that saying? Here's what it means:

Well, when it comes to parenting, if the idea of a calm, loving household, where everyone strives to get along and you feel confident and competent to handle whatever behaviors come your way seems like "pie in the sky", I'm talking to YOU today.

If you are one of those frazzled parents whose nerves are frayed and who's feeling a bit on the side of overwhelm...I want you to take a DEEP BREATH now...and tell yourself that there is a BETTER way. Because there is...and if you have intense, angry or highly spirited kids, you need this more than anyone! If your favorite time of the day is bedtime, this is SO for you!

And it's coming to you, soon! We've been pretty mum about it around here, but word has been leaking out and people are starting to line up now to learn more about becoming a Joyful Parent.  

Much more information will be coming ONE week from now...where I'll personally be sharing tips, ideas and an actionable plan to get you on your way to more JOY!

JOY. It's one of my favorite things...and we don't have to wait until the sun, moon and the stars line up...in order to grab some for ourselves! It's within reach for all of us. And you can join us for FREE...but you have to get signed up HERE, in order to receive the link to the free webinar with me! 


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