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Bristly and Brambly Kids

Raising a child who is challenging, difficult or intense is not easy. Parents need skills that go beyond basic parenting practices. Techniques that work with most children, often will not hold up with kids who are "more"... more "bristly and brambly" (the terms we use to describe the child who may be more defensive, oppositional, temperamental, intense and challenging).

It's important to distinguish that we consider these traits, not defects...and while they may be typical ways some kids approach the world and others, it is not their final destiny. Not even close.

These kids aren't "acting up" or intentionally trying to make us miserable. And WE hold the KEY to helping them!

How WE respond to them is EVERYTHING.

There are some things we CAN do to strengthen our relationships with our kids, thereby laying the foundation for better behavior. It truly is the first step in helping our kids. That's where the Relationship Tune-Up with Your Kids comes in!

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How I Know This To Be True

How do I know these ideas work? It's because I've experienced life with thousands of children who fit the description above, in my office, in the real-world and in my home. When I say I know what it's like to feel the exhaustion, the overwhelm, the real toll that one experiences when faced with unrelenting intensity minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. I mean I really KNOW. In a visceral, not academic, kind of way. I know it in my gut...I know it on a cellular level.

Having survived kids who are bit (or a lot) more "bristly and brambly", and having gotten to the other side of that...with my sanity, happiness and JOY intact...and having helped thousands of families do the same in my office...all while raising well-adjusted kids who have learned to manage that intensity and channel it in incredibly productive ways, I knew I had to share.

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This tells me a couple of things:

1. Parents everywhere deal with intense kids.

2. You are not alone.

I know this much is true: It's NOT your fault.

In almost every case I've seen, parents have done nothing to cause the intensity their child experiences and demonstrates. Almost every family I ever worked with has been loving and was setting appropriate limits. They were not indulgent or emotionally or physically absent. They weren't coddling or spoiling their kids. Still, the intensity abounded. Still, the days and nights were difficult.

These parents landed in my office wondering what they were doing or not doing that "caused" things to get so out of hand. What could they do that would change it all around. They wanted to know how they could enjoy their kids and stop feeling stressed and exhausted.

I knew there were several things that COULD be changed...I knew that parents could do SOMETHING (actually, lots of things) to help mediate the intensity, help their kids learn to channel it, help them settle their emotional brains way down and get back to JOY!

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Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD, is  the founder of Kidlutions and co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, co-creator of BLOOM Brainsmarts, and creator of The Joyful Parent. She is the creator of numerous workbooks and resources to help from the preschool through the teen years. 

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