Troubled Waters: Angry, Worried Kids {Activities the Help}

For Early Childhood

Angry, Worried Kids

Helping kids cope with BIG feelings can be a REALLY BIG job. Having the best information, tools and strategies at your fingertips makes a world of difference. Translating the research into fun, usable activities that make a difference in the lives of kids is what we are known for...and we are happy to dish it all up in this new program for parents...those of you on the front lines, 24/7.

In our 4-week, on-demand parenting course, The Joyful Parent, we serve up the latest in neuroscience that changes everything... and now, it can be a huge benefit in helping YOU respond to your child in more supportive and helpful ways, leading to much quicker behavior change.

You can see an excerpt from The Joyful Parent below. This is just one-minute out of the entire 4-week course. There's soooooooo much more inside!

An example of a strategies for early childhood.

Here's how The Joyful Parent is Organized

1. We spend time giving you the latest research on's easy to watch, learn and digest...nothing like that 10th grade biology class you may have loathed. It's quick-moving and death by PowerPoint here!

2. We take a look at ourselves and start with the changes WE MUST MAKE before we ask our children to change!

3. We learn what kids REALLY need from us...and how what is old is new again...AND supported by the research! Also, we learn about what constitutes a "good enough mother" {or father}.

4. We look at intense kids and how we hold the KEY to help them change. Early on in the program, you'll learn our JOY acronym and how that helps keep you grounded in delivering what your child needs for behavior change!

5. I show you (in more than a dozen quick videos), some of the best (and most fun) strategies I know to help kids calm down, regain control and improve their behavior more quickly...that you can start doing with them the moment you watch!

Here's an image of just a couple of 
the strategies shared in the course...

YOU Make the Difference

The most important ingredient is you, though...that's where the magic lies. We'll spend time laying the foundation for things that need to be put into place that will make any intervention or strategy most meaningful and helpful! I'll also teach you how you hold the key to your child's behavior change! 

What Age Range Does this Course Address?

This program is geared for parents of children ages 2-12, and the strategies provided are geared towards that age group also...however, the main concepts are applicable to ALL ages and ALL relationships. Oh, yes! 

What's In the Program?

The program includes videos (30 videos in total...none are longer than 15 minutes), animations, MP3s, printables and MORE! We've got something that appeals to all types of learners.

Save Now - Last Chance

Right now, the entire program is offered for just $99.00...that's more than HALF OFF, and the lowest price you will find. The discount is already applied, so there's no code to enter. It's our Black Friday Sale...early! It all ends November 25, 2017. This program won't be offered this low again this year. 

What if I'm Unsatisfied?

We are so certain this program delivers everything we've promised, that it comes with our rock solid, iron-clad guarantee! If you aren't happy with it for any reason, and we don't deliver all we promise, simply turn in your completed components of the modules you've watched (to show you've done your due diligence in attempting to apply and work with the concepts) and we'll issue you a full refund. 

If you aren't happy, we aren't happy.

It's that simple!

Come learn about the whole program and what it offers HERE!

JOY to you and me,


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