Peace on Earth Begins at Home

Peace on Earth Begins at Home...

It's a simple concept that can be shared with few words...and a video clip that's less than a minute long. The message is short, the impact is huge.

Peace on Earth begins at home...

In the everyday little things we do.

Kindness begets kindness.

When we shine a light on what is right...

We get more of it...

And it spreads outwards in all directions.

Be a peacemaker.

Start now.

Never stop.

Create a ripple effect and watch things change around you.

From the Kidlutions Family to Yours!

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Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD, is  the founder of Kidlutions and co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, co-creator of BLOOM Brainsmarts, and creator of The Joyful Parent. She is the creator of numerous workbooks and resources to help from the preschool through the teen years. 

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