Don't Go Out on a Limb to Raise Great Kids

Growing Great Kids

In parenting, as in many things, the tried-and-true, simple things are often the best. It's been said that good parenting isn't rocket science...and I would wholeheartedly agree. It's much more challenging...because there's not one single formula that works with all kids. Still, we don't have to go out on a limb to raise great kids. There are some things that we know help raise honorable, well-adjusted kids...and we've collected a few tried and true ways in our infographic.

Even better, if there's one area you need a bit more support or information on, we've linked it to an article or resource that can help!

* Show kindness and compassion in good times and when times are tough. Read more HERE.

* Show physical affection. Hug and kiss your kids.Here are some fun tips!

* Be aware of your own behavior and the examples you're setting.Create a calm starting HERE.

* Speak respectfully and gently to your children.Read more HERE.

* Know that all feelings are okay. Give your children the skills to deal with them. Need help? Start with these posts HERE.

* Compliment your kids. Celebrate their efforts and accomplishments, no matter how big or small they seem. Here's HOW!

* Encourage healthy sleep, exercise and eating habits. Go HERE for support on that!

*Spend quality time together. Do things everyone can enjoy. Use this free RESOURCE to map out your family fun! 

* Encourage positive choices about the way free time is spent.Try these ideas.

* Play with your children daily.

* Help your children learn ways to problem-solve and teach them how to make positive decisions. Read HERE for more.

*Allow mistakes and celebrate them as learning experiences. Read more HERE.

* Give your children the responsibility and freedom they earned.

* Let your child overhear you speaking positively about him to others.

Don't Stop There

Clearly, this list is just a start. There are many more items we could add to this list. These things are great for all kids. Some kids just need MORE. That's why we created The Joyful Parent (TJP). This program takes up where the basics leave off...and helps parents do a deep-dive into better understanding the challenging, difficult, easily upset and inflexible child. When you know how to best help your child calm their behavioral intensities, there's more JOY for everyone in the family. 

Here's the Full Infographic:


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