Fostering Kindness through Feathered Friends

Kindness Counts

Teaching our kids to be kind and care for all living creatures is part of helping our kids develop social-emotional skills that will last them a lifetime.  You can make a whole host of tasty treats for our feathered friends.  Below you will find some delish delights that winged-creatures will adore!  When you're done, you and your child can sit back and watch in wonder!

Here's an awesome how-to by Jessie at Play Create Explore:

Click for Jessie's How-To Directions
Here's another take.  A lovely heart-shaped cereal-based bird feeder that is simply adorable.  Fashioned by Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming:

Click for Stephanie Lynne's How-To Directions

And one more upbeat creation by Erin and Joi at HECK FRIDAYS:

Click here for Erin and Joi's How-To Directions

More Ideas:

Short on time?  Did you know that birds also enjoy peanuts in the shell or thick slices of orange hung from the tree?  You can also string up rice cakes and hang them!  Yep!  You can find out more here, from the good folks at Wild Birds Unlimted:

Wild Birds Unlimited: recipes

What Your Kids Will Learn:




Extend the Learning:

1.  Take pictures of the birds feeding on your creations.

2.  Ask your child to draw pictures of the birds that "visit".

3.  With older children, try to identify the birds.

As always, happy parenting!


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