Happy Easter Butter Lamb: A Polish Tradition

Happy Easter from Kidlutions

Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate!  I hope you are enjoying some peaceful time with your family, making wonderful memories, and reflecting on the true meaning of Easter.  Earlier today, while looking for another recipe, I came across a butter lamb on Comfy Cuisine, which transported me instantly to my childhood. 

Family Traditions

I remember the butter lamb my mom would get for our Easter dinner.  They used to be available in our local grocery store.  It's a Polish tradition, and the lamb represents Christ Resurrected.

Waxing Sentimental

It's been years since we've had a butter lamb, but seeing the lamb made me wax sentimental and I knew we had to have one for our Easter dinner.  It took only minutes to make.  I softened up the butter on the counter a bit and then fashioned it into the near shape of a lamb.  I've spent years shaping playdoh into all sorts of animal shapes with kids in therapy, but I must confess, this took a little more fortitude! The butter melts quickly, so you need to work fast. Then I stuck it in the fridge and when it got firm enough, I used a fork to swirl the wool pattern onto the lamb.  

I used cilantro for the bedding and stuck a sprig in his mouth and called it good.  We'll be making one every year, from now on.  It's our new/old tradition!  The kids wanted to get a regular stick of butter to use at the table.  They didn't want to ruin it.  I promised one for next year, too!

What Easter traditions do you have at your house?  We'd love to hear about them below in our comments section!

Decorated by my kids in "old school" style.  Just dye and crayons! 

At Easter and every day, we wish you Happy Parenting!

P.S.  If crafting a butter lamb from scratch is not your idea of a fun time, 
there are molds available, such as the one below, to help make it a snap!

This one is available at Amazon.com


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