Books That Help Kids Deal with Cancer

The "C" Word

Cancer.  The mere word strikes fear in the hearts of most.  Nobody wants it.  Thousands are diagnosed with it.  If it throws adults for a loop, imagine what it can do to a kid.  When kids are forced to face cancer, by either a diagnosis of a loved one, or that of their own, having the resources to support them is imperative.  It can make all the difference between coping and not.

Helping Kids Cope

If we can mention it, we can manage it.  If we talk about it, we can tame it.  Being straightforward and developmentally appropriate is crucial, when helping kids understand cancer.  Keeping information from them, being secretive, and allowing them to fill in the blanks on their own causes much more anxiety and stress. 

Helping Kids Cope with Their Own Diagnosis

Helping Kids Cope with the Diagnosis of a Loved One

When a Friend is Ill

When a Sibling is Ill

The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer can be scary.  Givng information, hope and love is as much a part of the fight against cancer as is radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. 

What resources have you found that are helpful?  Please share below in our comments so that all may benefit.


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