Happy Memorial Day from Kidlutions

In the midst of enjoying being with family and friends, I hope you have taken time to reflect on our many freedoms, afforded to us by the many brave and courageous service men and women who have given their time, service and in some cases, their lives.  We thank you all! Freedom is never free.

Thanks to my dad and brother (Jim and Jimmy) for their service, as well to all of my numerous uncles (John, Aug, Bill and Bob) who have served.  Also, thanks to Paul and Becky, and to Mr. Griffis (with whom my son was honored to share the stage today).

I was so proud to be able to stand in a free country and listen to my oldest son deliver the Memorial Day speech at our town's service this morning.  (Thank you, Mr. Griffis for giving my son such an honor.)

To whom are you thankful for their service?  Feel free to list them below.


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