Thank You for Trusting Us to Help You and Your Children

Thank You!

We are beyond grateful for each and every one of you who follow our blog, twitter, facebook and pinterest sites, subscribe to our newsletter and trust us to help you help your kids with some of the tough stuff that can get in the way of them feeling happy, well-adjusted and successful.  Whether you have used our products that help kids deal with anger management, grief and loss, relocation, divorce or something else, we are thankful!  Your success with our products, ideas and activities is a success for us.  We share in  your and your child's success and applaud your efforts at helping your children grow into socially and emotionally intelligent individuals who will undoubtedly change the world! 


We are feeling just a bit giddy over the fact that your patronage is what has propelled us to the top of the ranks in google searches when it comes to helping kids cope with divorce, grief and loss, relocation and anger managment.  We set out to offer peace of mind to parents and a feeling of success to kids.  We never dreamed we'd connect with so many dedicated and caring parents. 

Life Changing Products

Thank you for your belief in us, as well as your trust in our products. When new products are created, the litmus test is always, "Would I use this with my own kids?  Is it respectful of both parent and child?  Will this approach create meaningful change?" If I can answer YES to all of the above, a new product is in the making. 

From the Heart

We heart you all!  You (and your children) are why we do what we do!  We are humbled and honored to have earned your trust.


Mom2Twins said…
Yay! An honor very richly deserved, Wendy! You do wonderful work and it's great to see you at the top of Google searches! Hopefully many more people will continue to find you that way.
- Gina
Thank you so very much, Gina! I love the work you do...the discoveries you make while raising twins and how you share so much with others! So glad to know you through the magic of social media! I referred someone to your site the other day!

Wendy =)
naomi said…
I think it is very well deserved and that your work is much needed so give yourself a huge pat on the back!!!

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