Helping Kids with the BIG Stuff: Anger, Grief, Divorce and Relocation

Helping Kids in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

Kidlutions has been honored to have helped so many parents help their kids in the comfort of their own home, with creative products that are tested and pass muster when it comes to helping kids cope with some of the tricky transitions that life presents.  Anger, Grief, Divorce and Relocation all represent major issues in the lives of kids.  Helping them cope with these concerns is one of our specialties.


Anger can be such a tricky emotion for kids.  Parents are sometimes stumped in how to help their child deal appropriately with it, so it does not cause BIG problems for them or anyone else.  We are honored to have helped thousands with our preliminary teleseminar MP3, and handouts, all FREE.  Be on the lookout, because our complete system, the Anger Toolbox for Kids, will be making its debut very soon!  It's a much awaited resource and we cannot wait to share it with you! 


Grief is a challenge at any age.  It is particulary perplexing for young children.  We helped grieving kids for years, whether that loss has been due to a terminal illness, tragic accident, suicide or murder.  Grief isn't fun for anyone, but we've got the 411 when it comes to helping kids explore and express their grief.  Check out our "How Long Does the Sad Last" workbook for kids that can be downloaded instantly to help your child. Our grief approach with kids is so compelling, it's featured in Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul. 


Another tough subject. For some families, particularly those in the military, or those working for large corporations, relocation may be the norm.  No matter the number of moves your family makes, each relocation presents unique challenges.  The founder of Kidlutions, Wendy Young, moved 9 times by the 9th grade and has also helped her own three kids with 3 moves.   "My Moving Story: A Workbook for Children" helps kids frame a move in a positive and adventurous way, while helping them cope with some of the difficulties that moving presents.


A divorce can throw a child into a tailspin, but when parents can put aside their own differences to help their children cope, everybody wins.  There are specific ways parents can help kids cope, starting with how they tell their children, how they reassure their children and how well they help their kids explore their feelings, talk about them and process them.  Our resource, "My Changing Family: A Workbook for Children About Divorce", helps parents help their kids with all of the above and MORE!

Challenging Children

Challening children are children who require MORE.  More patience, more skill, more guidance, more time and just about more of everything that parents have to offer.  In the end, challenging children can soar, with the proper guidance and care.  It can be puzzling to parents to put it all together (and keep it all together, when things seem to be falling apart at the seams), but Kidlutions can help.  We invite you to sift through our blog to find supportive messages, ideas and tips to help you raise emotionally savvy children (whether they are challenging or not).  Very soon, we will be offering one-to-one and group parent consultations!  Stay tuned for more announcements!

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting!


naomi said…
Nothing surprises me about you Lori. I love all these resources and they are so targeted it is great.

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