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Our Contest is Now Over!
Congratulations to Cyndee, whose number #39 was drawn at
I'm sure and her family of 10 will enjoy and put the game to good use!
Come Play with Us this Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays from award-winning Flip2BFit! Join in on all of the fun by pinning this post...AND  make sure to tag @Kidlutions in your pin (so I can see you've entered)!  You have to be following Kidlutions on Pinterest in order for us to see the tag. If you don't want to follow us on Pinterest, no problem. Simply leave a note below in our comments such as "Pinned!"  That's it!  Simple! Easy-peasey!

You don't have to join a hundred pages or do a hundred back-flips, though you might want to do those back-flips if you're the winner of the Flip2BFit game!

Kids Love It!

If you want to learn more about the game, you can check it out here!  Just this past weekend, I was playing the game with several kids.  One little girl liked it so much, she asked if she could take it home!  Maybe her mom will win it here!  Maybe you will!  Somebody's going to win, but you can't win if you don't enter!

Pin It!

Once you pin it, you are free to join the Flip2BFit facebook page or follow them on twitter or Pinterest!  (Hint: Their Pinterest page has many of the cards/stretching excercises loaded up, so you can see how awesome this game really is!) You don't have to join anything, but you might want to...just because they are a fab company with a fab mission to get kids moving, help kids do better in school and to help combat childhood obesity.  Besides, we follow them and we'd love for you to come hang out with us!

Movement is for  Everybody

You don't have to be a world class athlete to benefit from movement!  Flip2BFit is for everybody!  You can play it with your kids, no matter what your current fitness level is.  Play Flip2BFit everyday and feel good about you!

Spread the Joy

We'd love to know what you think about Flip2BFit's giveaway!  Just tell us below in the comments.  No, it doesn't give you extra points to win, but it does give you good karma!  Spread the joy and tell a friend about our Pin It To Win It contest by Flip2BFit!

A winner will be selected by on December 15th.  You can pin this post until midnight (12 a.m. EST) The winner will be announced right here on our blog on Decembr 16, 2012!

Good luck, all!

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Deborah McNelis said…
I have been sharing this game in a variety of places, because Movement and fun make an incredibly positive impact on developing brains!

Good luck to everyone... but if you do not win here... make sure you put it on your wish list!
meg said…
Looks great pinned it

I agree! This game is fabulous! Thanks for sharing about it!

Wendy =)


Thanks for pinning it!

Wendy =)
Heather Parisi said…
Deborah - Thank you so much for sharing the game! Im excited to hear all your feedback!

Wendy - I love this new graphic! You are fabulous! MUAH!

Meg - Good Luck!!! Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Smiles Everyone!
Heather - Flip2BFit
C.P. W. said…
Yeppie! I just found out a few minutes ago that we won! I have sent you my mailing information using the email address that was provided. We look forward to using it! Cyndee
Got it, Cyndee! Congrats! I'll get the message out to Heather at Flip2BFit and your game will be on its way!

Wendy =)

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