Kidlutions: The Big Reboot {We Need Your Help!}

We could really use your help and it's as simple as a click of your mouse.  We are entered into BIG REBOOT, sponsored by Toshiba, Intel and Staples, vying for a technology makeover.  Boy, oh boy, could we use it! 
All You Need to Do
Helping us is easy. No joining anything, no giving up your email or blood-type or even the last 4 digits of your social security number.  Nope.  None of that. Just click to vote. Doesn't get much easier!
Comment on the Voting Page, If You Please!
We would adore it if you left a comment on the voting page, too.  That really helps!  Just 8 days to go on this. 
You Can Vote Daily
You can vote every day.  If you are willing, we appreciate it!  Thanks so much!
If Kidlutions has helped you or your child in any way, we'd be forever grateful for a comment on the voting page!  You can read more about how we will use the money on the BIG REBOOT page!
Thanks so much!


Deborah McNelis said…
Just voted and will continue to vote!! Good luck!!
Thank you SO much, Deborah!

Wendy =)

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