If You Can Read Your Feelings, Thank a Social Worker

Happy Social Work Month!

Wow! The month has almost gotten away from us!  I've been so busy doing what I do as a Clinical Social Worker (keeping office hours at the CAMP, our School Based Health Center, consulting to Early Head Start and Head Start, AND co-authoring the book BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, that I had to find a quick moment to wish all of my fellow social workers a Happy Social Work Month! 

Sheer Fun!

Can you imagine getting out of bed every day, looking forward to going into work?  Having so much fun that it's almost as if work becomes your play?  Having so much fun and being so at one with your work that it becomes almost like breathing?  I get that pleasure every day and have been blessed with that honor for more than 25 years, as a Clinical Social Worker (Child and Adolescent Therapist)! 

My office supplies include:

Fun and Games

It's true, I get to play all day!  But don't let the FUN aspect fool you into thinking that it's all fun and games.  Nope!  Some pretty serious work is taking place behind the "scenes".  Play is the business of children and the best vehicle to address their fears, their worries, their traumas, their grief

Children and teens have been my best teachers and I am their grateful student on a daily basis.  To all the children (adolescents, adults and families) I have worked with and with whom I will someday have the pleasure of working, I say "thank you".  Thank you for allowing me to see the world through your eyes.  Thank you for allowing me to see your pain, your hopes, your dreams.  Thank you for showing me how resilient we are as a people...what bravery and forgiveness looks like...what it's like to choose survival.  I am amazed over and over again at the power of the human spirit, so innocently embodied in the youngest among us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you...for allowing me to companion you on your journey...until you are ready to walk alone!


Ava said…
So lovely as always..love this..Thanks for the mention!!
Happy Happy
SharaPCS said…
We think alike - I did a post recently about stress buster ideas for kids :-) http://leanonus.co/blog/ideas/ I love that you are showing Crayola products, too. I'm not usually one to brag about Brands but gosh - nothing compares to Crayola. Crayons, markers and pencils...for home or classroom use. They are the best!

Board games are also a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing your heart here and thanks for all you do to help kids get through tough times. They are are blessed to have you.
Thank you, Ava! You are welcome for the mention.

Shara, I will go check out your post =). You are right about Crayola...and the company paid me nothing to say so! They don't even know I exist! What I listed are the real-life tools I use in my office on a daily basis. The real McCoy!

Thanks for your kind words. The kids you work with are equally lucky!

Wendy =)

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